The biggest contribution of a PRD or spec, in one word

We need to remind ourselves on the role of a product spec from time to time's photo
·Sep 25, 2022·

1 min read

There was a recent rant on a product manager group on the role of PRD's, and with user stories, sprint management, engineering specs - was there a need for yet another document.

The biggest contribution of PRD - is to explain the why. (mic drop).

Collaborations between Product and engineering, with a buy in from stakeholders can bring out the best "what".

With Engineering having full freedom to figure out the how.

"Why" is it important?

  • Provides empathy on how bringing this thing that doesn't exist, can make an impact
  • Implementing teams then understand how their role is important in bring this to life
  • The "what" or the solutions, the costs vs benefits, pros vs cons of options can all go back to the "why" to make compromises or other decisions.
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